Carolyn Duven (Student Services Specialist II, Dean of Students Office)

I have worked at Iowa State University for the past 5 years and have now served in 2 different functional areas in the Division of Student Affairs, Residence Life and the Academic Success Center. My 10+ years of professional experience in higher education have taught me the benefit of collaboration, communication, and dedication in serving both the students and the staff at the institution. As a member of the Professional and Scientific Council, I would seek to learn more about the other areas served by the Council, provide regular updates, and seek information and opinions from those I would serve.

I want to serve on the Council to continue to give voice to the concerns of staff across the Division of Student Affairs, to advance the idea that we are all educators at Iowa State, and to support my peers as we work to create an environment where students can thrive and staff can be valued for their work.

My current position allows me to see the work of staff across the institution and I would use that experience to better serve those in the Division of Student Affairs. I can commit to my whole term and would be honored to serve you as a Professional and Scientific Council representative.