E Jacob Cummings (Program Coordinator III, Equal Opportunity Office)

Recently, I have had the unique fortune of serving upon the Council as a term appointment. It is with great enthusiasm that I seek my first election as a representative of the Division of the Office of the President. Over the past year, my admiration and respect for the ongoing works of the Council has only grown. In this immediate time of budget cuts, class and comp recertification, questions swirling around FMLA, etc., the role of a participatory governing body representing Professional and Scientific employees has never been more critical. I seek to become a more impactful representative by gaining a three-year elected appointment.  The Council is only as successful as the tenacity of its Councilors and the engagement of its constituency.

My qualifying background begins here, at Iowa State, where I work in the Office of Equal Opportunity. The essential functions of my job require that I address difficult and complex issues on a routine basis. I am experienced in prioritizing and, flowing therefrom, addressing the most pressing matters with the utmost sense of urgency. Prior to transitioning to Iowa State, I worked eleven years as a civil trial attorney here in Iowa. I believe my acquired skills to be highly transferrable.

Currently, I am a member of the Awards Committee within the Council. We are in the midst of finalizing preparations for the 2017 P&S Awards Ceremony. This experience has been invaluable as I have learned from participation and observation how to efficiently run a committee. It has truly been an enjoyable experience.  I look forward to my new role as a member of the Executive Committee as Secretary/Treasurer.

I kindly ask for your support in the upcoming election. I have helped to disseminate information from the Council to the Division of the Office of the President. Although this is one method of communication, in seeking election to Council, I am exploring alternative methods of engaging in discussion with other members of our division. I envision semi-regular luncheons with concerned members. I have no problem listening to any and all concerns, and conveying those messages back to Council. I envision a free flow of communication between all employees. Open, active communication is the path to securing the best working environment for you.

The Council does good, relevant work here at Iowa State. I encourage any and all to either run for the position of councilor, or engage in active discussion with your elected councilors.

Thank you for your time and consideration. – Jake