Eduardo Boro (Program Assistant II, School of Education)

Hello, my name is Eduardo Boro and I would like to represent you on the P&S Council. I have been on this campus as a student and employee and continue to find new and engaging opportunities. P&S Council is one of these opportunities. I have held various leadership and supervisory roles in my career prior to coming to Iowa State, as a student with Student Organizations and Clubs, and thus far to small extent while employed at the University. I am a team player and enjoy overcoming the challenges that collaboration can bring. I am service oriented and strive to learn the context in which I am working. I believe that I think outside the box and have a willingness to reevaluate processes to ensure their effectiveness. The responsibility of being a councilor, an advocate for other P&S Staff, is no small task and I would execute the position with attention and diligence. I would like to thank you for your consideration.