Joy Stroud (Administrative Specialist II, Reiman Gardens)

I am seeking to continue to serve on the P&S Council. I have served on council since inducted in 2016 and want to continue to represent my P&S co-workers. I have several years of experience serving on a university staff council both as a council member and as council president. I understand the importance and privilege of representing fellow staffers as we work together to improve our workplace, to fulfill the mission oflowa State University and solidify its reputation as one of the best places to work in the United States. I have a strong appreciation for staff council involvement, want to help make a difference and stay close to the pulse of the university.

I am a qualified candidate to continue to serve on staff council due to my desire to serve and my prior experience. I have excellent communication skills that would serve P&S staff appropriately. I have a great deal of experience with volunteering in the community. I take my commitments seriously and would have no problem continuing to carry out the duties of a councilmember for the duration expected. I am reliable and accountable and want to continue with the P&S Council as an advocate for my fellow P&S employees.