Keesha Ward (Program Assistant II, Univ Human Resources)

Program Assistant | Knowledgeable - Efficient - Charismatic
• Over 6+ years of experience in the child care industry, serving ISU student, staff, and faculty families
• Develop and integrate family and life programs to better serve the university community
• Serve as ex-officio on the University Child Care Committee, which works to educate university constituents about the needs of ISU families
• Featured in the College of Human Sciences Matters magazine - Increasing the Chances of Student Parents' Success
• Highly effective in fostering a positive, productive environment
• Strength in analyzing, researching, and problem solving
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Strong vision, commitment, and leadership

Staff play a key role in fulfilling the university's mission. I would like to serve as a positive influence on campus, by supporting and contributing to solutions regarding the goals and advancement of the campus community. I also look to bring diverse perspectives to represent a broader range of experiences and ideas. As a resourceful and proactive university member, I hope to have the opportunity to represent fellow Professional and Scientific employees.