Sara Parris (Assistant Director, Student Health Center)

I, Erin Baldwin, Director of the Thielen Student Health Center, am pleased to nominate Sara Parris for a position on the Professional and Scientific Council.

Sara has a Bachelor of Arts in Intematignal Studies with a Minor in Business from The Ohio State University and a Master's of Health Care Administration from Des Moines University. Her professional work experience includes more than 10 years of experience in a variety of health care administration roles.

Sara joined Iowa State University in September 2015 as the Assistant Director of the Thielen Student Health Center. In this role she oversees the budget and finances for the organization, human resources, information technology, and the billing office. Sara directly manages five staff members, and helps manage an annual budget of more than $12 million.

Sara would be an invaluable member of the P&S Council as she would bring a wealth of knowledge from both the University setting and the private sector. She has a strong desire to be an advocate in establishing policy, both professionally and personally. Of many qualities that I admire about Sara, those I appreciate most are her ability to be open minded and avoid drama. She is a stalwart advocate for providing the best patient care and this passion would
directly benefit the P&S Council.

I strongly recommend and support Sara in her desire to become a member of the P&S Council. Her leadership skills, personal characteristics, and professional knowledge are an asset to Thielen Student Health Center and Iowa State University.