2023 Councilor Nominees

Your 2023 Councilor Nominees for Professional and Scientific Council are listed below by representation area.

Academic Affairs

Kerry Aistrope

Assistant Director County Services - Extension and Outreach

As a former Area Education Administrator, I developed skills in facilitation, coaching, resolution facilitation, and mediation. I had many opportunities to utilize those skill sets in problem solving for individuals as well as the greater good. Extension education provides a very similar backdrop for some of those same opportunities to serve. Please consider those skill sets as an asset to the Professional and Scientific Council when you cast your vote.

Michael Boyd

Graduate Student Services Specialist II - CALS & LAS Department of Statistics

I earned my bachelor's in Environmental Earth Science from UC Berkeley and my master's in Educational Psychology from UW-Madison, the common underlying experience during each being my duties as a professional educator. I have held leadership positions for students and staff both in the U.S. and internationally and I have taken pride in understanding and speaking on behalf of the interests of each. I am always willing to listen to others and offer support wherever I can, including by bringing awareness to the resources that often quietly surround us. I hope to share my expertise with the Professional & Scientific Council as a representative for P&S employees at Iowa State for our collective benefit.

Lynne Campbell

Youth 4H Extension Specialist

It has been a pleasure to serve as a member of the P&S Council representing Academic Affairs. My goal is to represent the second largest group of P&S employees - Extension and Outreach - with due diligence for P&S employees on campus and throughout our 99-county campus. In my 4-H youth development position, I strive to connect research from campus to help youth and adults understand complex topics such as monarch conservation, native bee decline, water quality and nitrate removal to merge academic endeavors and outreach efforts. I secure grants to develop programs and provide support to help youth and adults learn about the important work happening at Iowa State. It is with that same spirit of service that I approach my role on the Peer Advocacy Committee where we address questions and concerns from P&S employees and advocate for solutions. I enjoy working collaboratively with the P&S council members and ISU leadership to make Iowa State University the best place to work and learn. I want to hear your ideas and translate those ideas into actions that benefit P&S employees. I would appreciate your vote for re-election so that I can continue this work as a second-term member of the Professional and Scientific Council.

Amanda Eggers

Database Administrator II - Extension Program Development and Evaluation - Extension and Outreach

I can't say my list of professional qualifications would or should be a deciding factor for an individual to vote for me to be on the council. What I would say is that my position with ISU Extension and Outreach has afforded me the opportunity to engage with our colleagues throughout the state and campus and I believe that I can bring the everyday person's perspective to the council. I have been with ISU Extension and Outreach for 3 years, currently as a Database Administrator on the MyData team, where I support Extension and local County Services staff with training and resources that tell their story. I am afforded the opportunity to listen and learn and provide support to all of Extension and counties, as well as help them share their hard work and results with our local, state, and federal stakeholders (and answer to said stakeholders reporting requirements). I am also actively on several boards in my community where I get to connect individuals and organizations together in collaborative means.  I believe my work and relationships with Iowa State Extension and Outreach/County Services, as well as my work in my community, would be a unique addition to the P&S Council. I am excited at the opportunity to bring a broader set of background and voices to the council to help advocate for all of our P&S peers.

Isaac Ehlers

Financial Aid Advisor III - Office of Student Financial Aid


Having served on P&S Council for the last year as an appointed member, I have come to learn many things about how the council operates, as well as advocates for the needs of P&S employees. I have enjoyed this last year and look forward to continuing to serve P&S employees on council. I have served on the Professional Development Committee this last year and helped with the planning of the monthly seminar series events, as well as the annual P&S Council Professional Development Committee.

Rachel Faircloth

Event Coordinator III - Student Innovation Center

I am nominating Rachel for council because I think she would do a great job with helping to coordinate all the professional development events that council works to put on. She has a great attention to detail and a passion to help others. In her management of her student workers, she goes above and beyond working to get to know them. She will ask them to please help her know what they are looking for in a good manager. We need people like Rachel on council as helping everyone become better at what they do is a priority for her.

Leah Feltz

Social Media Specialist II - Extension and Outreach

I have worked for ISU Extension and Outreach since 2017. During this time, I have gained experience engaging with and leading others, working collaboratively, and in flexible environments. I consistently meet my goals and daily work to strengthen my understanding of others' needs and views, then adjust my methods to meet the needs of varying demographics.  Collaboration is an important part of my current role. I work closely with designers, video producers, brand managers, field staff, and management to serve others. Through consistent support, collaboration, and data-driven improvements, I have become a leader in strengthening our reputation among internal and external partners. I pride myself on my unique and valuable ability to see strategically what to do and operationally how to do it. I strive to be an innovator that consistently influences decision-making that honors and aligns with an organization's goals.   I work internally and externally in communications strategy development, creating and implementing digital marketing plans and trainings/presentations. I am passionate about continuous personal, professional, and organizational improvement and consistently seek our audience's pulse to ensure we are on the right track. 

Jennifer Finch

Administrative Assistant II - Ivy College of Buisness Department of Accounting

I am interested in being involved in being a resource and advocate for P&S employees. I am here to listen, help and relay any concerns about policies and procedures that directly or indirectly affect P&S employees. The Compensation & Benefits committee is of partciular interest to me as we navigate throught the most recent changes in regards to the compensation administration and pay delivery. I would love to help share and report from the people that it directly impacts to the University's administration.

Kate Garretson

Instruction Librarian - Parks Library

I would like to nominate Kate Garretson for Professional and Scientific Council! Kate is the newest memeber of the Library's Instruction Services unit. She is a great professional and a wonderful person who cares for others. She learned about the P&S Councel's work and expressed interest in joining the council and serving as advocate for her peers at ISU. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Taylor Gerdes

Administrative Assistant I - LAS Department of Chemistry Student Services

I am currently in my first year as an Administrative Assistant for the Chemistry Department, as I graduated from Iowa State University in May of 2022. A few of the reasons I feel as though I am qualified to serve on the Professional and Scientific Council are as follows: highly organized, strong work ethic, dependable, works great in teams, and excited to help better the University as a whole. I would also love to serve on the Council to be able to network and connect with others throughout the University. I feel as though this is a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and to get more involved.

Paul Gibbins

Assistant Director County Services - Extension and Outreach

I have experience working both on and off campus in P&S positions, all of which required I engage with colleagues across campus. As a Regional Director for Extension in Polk County I see the impacts of the work of P&S employees in the community as well as on campus. I am an advocate for DEI efforts to advance both the work we do both internally and externally. I am a communicator, systems thinker and a planner and would like the opportunity to utilize those skills to represent Academic Affairs on the P&S Council.

Jon Hamborg

Shop Supervisor - Student Innovation Center

I work with Jon at the Student Innovation Center. He is passionate about helping everyone on campus. I think he would be a great addition to council as he offers a unique perspective in his roll at ISU. He has always been there to listen and understand as well has offer great advise whenever you need it.

Anita Kay

Social and Life Sciences Librarian - Parks Library

Anita is Social and Life Sciences Librarian at the University Library's Academic Services Division. She worked in the library for many years and provides research support to students and scholars at ISU. She has expressed interest in joining the council and serving as advocate for her peers at ISU.

Chris Knight-Gipe

Assistant Director for Contracts and Grants - Extension and Outreach

Going out on a limb, I'm going to assume that I may be one of the most tenured professional and scientific staff running for Council this year. I say this with a wink - don't hold it against me! My ISU career spans nearly 40 years, providing experiences within nearly each of the 8 colleges, research centers, Alumni Association, ISU Foundation, and most recently as the Assistant Director for Contracts and Grants at ISU Extension and Outreach. I have dedicated my career to serving Iowa State University and bleed red and gold. I've had opportunities to serve on strategic planning committees, implemented organizational restructures, lived through IT evolutions, and served on a plethora of various committees. Now is the time for P&S Council! I understand the importance of representation: listening, learning, and sharing a voice, all benefiting the university community. I look forward to this great opportunity to serve you, and to serve our great institution!

Sarah Larkin

Student Services Specialist II - Graduate College

I have served on the Professional and Scientific Council for the last 3 years. I have served on the Policies and Procedures Committee and the Communications Committee. I had an absolute blast serving our Constituents and working to find solutions for Professional and Scientific employees. Being elected to Council is hard work but it is extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  There is still a lot more work to be done for Workflex and compensation and I hope to be a voice for you on this.

Heidi Nye

Diagnostic Associate II - College of Veterinary Medicine VDPAM VDL Molecular and Health Assurance Testing Services Lab

I have enjoyed being active on the P&S Council while I was filling a vacant position. I would like to continue to be an active member on P&S Council, as I believe it is important to have a say in how P&S council can help its constituents. Unless you are active in a committee like P&S Council, it's a challenge to understand how and why certain decisions are made. I enjoy being part of those decisions. 

Angela Ossian

Program Specialist II - Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

A skilled marketer and leader with more than twenty-five years of communications experience in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors in the Des Moines area, Angie is currently a Program Specialist II for the Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation at Iowa State University. Most recently, she served as Executive Director for Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines. Prior to this role, she worked for 12 years as Director of Marketing for the Iowa State Center in Ames. Her additional leadership roles include marketing communications positions with Principal Residential Mortgage and Des Moines Register. Angie started her career as a copywriter for Younkers advertising department. She graduated from Iowa State with a major in journalism and a minor in marketing. Angie was on the University's yearbook (the BOMB) staff for three years and served as editor her senior year. She met her husband Daniel who is a broadcast journalism major while attending Iowa State. They are proud parents of two children: a daughter who graduated from the Ivy College of Business and a son who is currently a senior at Iowa State.  Because Iowa State is so engrained in many aspects of my life, I want the people who work for Iowa State University to thrive, not just survive, both personally and professionally. I hope I can apply what I've learned in these past roles to serve others in this P&S Council capacity.

Jake Pippin

Audio Visual Support III - Student Innovation Center

In the Student Innovation Center I get to work with staff, faculty, and students from every college and department on campus. I would love to serve on the Professional and Scientific Council to gain a more profound understanding of how the university works together and, be a part of helping to improve it. I have a passion for technology in higher education and would appreciate the opportunity to be an advocate for effective technology practices on campus.

Susan Ray

Data Analyst II - Institutional Research

Driven to make sense of complex situations, I am a creative data geek enthusiastic about solving data puzzles and communicating clear 'data-stories' to non-analytical people. My former role also included numerous process improvement projects, so looking for ways to improve something is kind of a habit. I am proud of my MS in Business Analytics from the University of Iowa (that other university), and I am always excited when I can learn something new. I have been here at Iowa State University for almost three years. This means I am no longer the new kid but still have a fresh eye. While my work focuses on numbers, my passion is stories. Having arrived here during 'the year that wasn't,' I have met very few people outside my team. So, I would love the opportunity (Excuse?) to meet colleagues from across the campus and hear their stories.

Sarah Riley

Administrative Assistant II - CALS & LAS Department of Economics

I am a go-getting employee who is not afraid to go beyond expectations. My coworkers would would say that I try to bring my social, energetic personality to all that I do. I strive to speak up and voice my opinion when other people may be afraid to, making me a good fit for the Professional and Scientific Council.

Julieanne Rogowski

Student Services Specialist II - ISU Online

As a new employee to Iowa State, I feel that I can provide a fresh perspective to the council, while utilizing my previous experience in public education. As a former high school educator, I have experience on multiple committees including an advisory committee for English Language Learners, allocating funds for professional development on a teacher quality committee, and served on a pilot group for the implementation of Standards-Based Grading. I have also served as the recording and corresponding secretary for the Des Moines Alumnae chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota and on the Ames Public Art Commission for the city of Ames. I understand the importance of employee voice and advocacy and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals across campus to continue the important work of employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement.

Carrie Schwake

Manager Clinical Support - College of Veterinary Medicine VMC Technical Operations



I have worked at Iowa State University since 2005. I started in a merit position and changed to a professional and scientific (P&S) position in 2016 by taking a Manager Clinical Support role at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center (LVMC) within the College of Veterinary Medicine. I currently am a direct manager for seven P&S employees at the LVMC. My work experience within the college and my management of other P&S employees has led me to develop a strong interest in supporting the mission of the council by being a resource and advocate for those I directly manage and my four P&S peers.  In 2020, I was able to pioneer creating and submitting a new classification to the Board of Regents through Class and Compensation to create an Advanced Imaging Technologist position after suffering the loss of 4 merit employees within one department due to lower than market pay scales. I immediately took over direct management of the employees in the Radiology and worked to support retaining those who remained and creating a desired position for others recruit individuals to the university. Working through the hiring process I was also able to support changing the pay grade of the classification through market information retrieved from applicants to the position.  I also recently lead my fellow peers in the Manager Clinical Support classification to encourage a reconsideration of the pay grade to better match the value we bring to the university based on market analysis from other institutions and evaluating similar classifications at our university. I experienced first-hand how teamwork with a shared goal can inspire change. I feel I have shown strong support for P&S employees at the university and hope to continue to have a positive impact through representation on the P&S council. Interest in serving on the council: I am interested in joining the council not only for the desire to fulfill the mission of Iowa State University and being a resource for P&S employees, but to help support and encourage positive change. I have dedicated the past 18 years to Iowa State University and I look forward to the opportunity to give back to the university in this manner while further developing my leadership skills through working with P&S leaders across the university.

Katie Stiegleder

Administrative Assistant II - LAS Department of World Languages and Cultures

My name is Katie Steigleder and I currently work in the Department of World Languages and Cultures as an administrative assistant where my hands are in many pots! Throughout my time at Iowa State University, I have been an undergraduate student (public relations and women and gender studies), a graduate student (education, student affairs), a part time employee (graduate student in admissions), and now a full time P&S employee. I've also had the experience of working at a different institution as a P&S employee for three years which gave me the ability to see how other universities may advocate on behalf of P&S employees. At this institution, I worked as a student government advisor where I assisted in writing policy and advocating for the study body's best interest. I felt a desire to join the Professional and Scientific Council after receiving a copy of the Compensation and Benefits report, as well as registering and reading about the 2023 Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Conference. It was with these resources that I felt I could advocate for change and continue to put the interests of P&S employees at the forefront. In a time of constant change within higher education, it's important now more than ever to have folks who are outspoken and have the motivation to continue being agents of change. My qualifications would be four years of P&S employed experience, three at a different institution, and one here at Iowa State University as well as having studied higher education, it's systems and environments, at the graduate level. I'm an intensely organized individual with a passion to understand impact and how Iowa State can continue to improve each and every year. Additionally, I feel I have a unique skillset in assisting with the Professional Development Conference planning and currently have experience in my full time role with awards, payroll/compensation, and have a history of policy work from my previous position at another institution. Ultimately, I would like to grow as a professional, network at Iowa State University, and continue to build on the many wonderful experiences I've had during my adventure at Iowa State University.

Kaylee Wellik

Program Specialist II - LAS Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication

I have enjoyed my time on the council this year and would love the opportunity to serve again. I have worked in 3 different places on campus in both merit and P&S positions and feel I have some knowledge based on those experiences on how some areas on campus work. Through the peer advocacy committee I have learned more about Iowa State and the resources that we offer to P&S staff. I would continue being able to help share those resources with others and expand work with the Ombuds to help those working on campus. 

Operations and Finance

Mindy Hanna

Grant Finance Specialist - FIN Birch

I have worked with Iowa State for 4 years; before coming to Ames, I obtained my master's degree in Leadership.  I faced many challenges and had to fight through my fears of "not being good enough" and the struggles my whole life.  To overcome this fear in my education, I had to learn to advocate for myself to get the assistance I needed to finish the degree.   After taking on a management role in my previous job that landed me here in Ames, I took my knowledge and experience and started to advocate for my employees that were treated unfairly.  Recently I again fell into the "not being good enough" phase of my life, but through the trials, I chose to take my weaknesses, failures, and struggles and turn them into success.  Once again, I had to learn how to overcome this fear with a different approach.  I learned to seek advice from my supervisor, colleagues, and friends to help strategize. I was once told, "You never know what you are capable of or what you can do until you face your fears in full force."  Running for Council will allow me to do just that. This opportunity will allow me to meet and work with other colleagues and learn and grow from them, and I can offer the same. I look forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and starting to meet, learn, and assist my colleagues.

Jennifer Schroeder

Senior Manager - Accounts Receivable

I have served as a councilor for Operations and Finance since 2020. I enjoy serving my peers as their representation on council. I have served on the Awards and Professional Development Committees and I have enjoyed recognizing my peers and advocating for meaning professional development opportunities on campus. Serving in this role has been a wonderful learning and networking experience and I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving my peers in this meaningful way.


Nikki Brandon

Industrial Hygienist - Environmental Health and Safety

Nikki is smart and motivated. She has lived and worked all over the US and internationally. She is dedicated and responsible, and enjoys helping others. She has an analytical mind and is a great problem solver. 

Sara Everson

Parking Customer Relations Coordinator III - Department of Public Safety

Although I am new to my P&S position, I have been a part of this University for 15 years, 4 years as a student and 11 years as an employee. I have been employed with the Department of Public Safety- Parking Division as an enforcement officer and recently transitioned to my current position as a Customer Relations Coordinator III. I was on the planning committee for the Big 10 and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference we hosted in 2019. I served on the Department of Public Safety Wellness Committee in 2020 and I am currently serving my second year on the Department of Public Safety Awards Committee. I received the Community Service Commendation Award in 2020 for my work on projects beyond my work responsibilities as an Enforcement officer, prior to serving on the Awards Committee. My experience may be limited, but I believe I can still be an effective member of the P&S Council. I am interested in serving on the Professional & Scientific Council because I want to a part of the decision-making process for issues concerning P&S employees. I noticed that parking on campus has been a hot topic on the council and I would like the opportunity to work with the council to come to an understanding and to develop a solution that works for all. I also attended the P&S Council Conference February 22, 2023 and I enjoyed the professional development opportunities available there and I would be interested in helping to plan the next one. I am most excited for an opportunity to branch out and meet colleagues across campus and make new connections. I appreciate your consideration as a candidate for Professional & Scientific Council.

Lucas Oerter

Associate Director of Compliance - Athletics

Currently, there is no employee of Athletics elected to the P&S Council. Serving on the P&S Council would be more than just a voice for nearly 3500 employees designated as Professional and Scientific, over two hundred of which within Athletics. It would provide further opportunity to engage employees, connecting them to the virtues of sport, which enhances the sense of community and drive to succeed amongst all. As a result of previous employment in both the federal and private sectors, combined with years of experience in collegiate athletics, I bring an innate ability to recognize and rationalize the multiple perspectives of many. This allows me to be an advocate for the constituents served by the P&S Council.


Student Affairs

Mitchell Hein

Residence Hall Coordinator - Campus Life

I am interested in joining the Professional and Scientific Council because I am interested in serving on a council with other members of the university. I have been an advisor to my residence hall council for the past six years and I am interested in serving on a council as a working member. This is my fourth year at Iowa State and I would like to expand my knowledge of university functions and share my peers' thoughts and opinions with the rest of the council. I have also been inspired by one of my previous Resident Assistants who is currently serving in a high-ranking position in Student Government. Due to this connection with my former RA, I have found myself watching the Student Government meetings posted on YouTube and have seen the projects and initiatives our students are working on, and I want to also serve in a role to help with university initiatives. I regularly encourage my residents to connect with campus organizations to get involved and believe I should follow this advice myself. 

Molly Heidenreich

Manager Food Service - Campus Life

Personally, I would like to learn more about what P&S Council does and be able to share that information with my coworkers. I would also like to be more involved in the university and gain a better understanding of all the moving parts. I have worked for the university for 8.5 years and I feel I have all the qualifications to be an asset to the council as a representative of the Division of Student Affairs.

George Loper

Manager Custodial Services - Memorial Union

No statement provided.

Nathan Pick

Senior Assistant Director of Sport Programs - Recreation Services

My name is Nathan Pick and I've been working at ISU for almost 12 years now in the Recreation Services department overseeing both the Intramural Sports program and Sport Clubs. I am a CYCLONE through and through as I grew up going to Cyclone sporting events throughout my childhood and then spent 6 years in school here as well. I love this place! I recently filled in at a couple council meetings and became interested in helping be a voice for the employees within the University. While we have so many positives that come with working here, there are still areas that need strong support and advocated for to advance our benefits here at ISU. I would love to help be a leader in addressing more of the concerns and successes of our amazing staff in our area.

Leticia Ribeiro da Silva dos Santos

Senior Psychologist - Student Counseling Services (SCS)

I am Leticia Ribeiro, I am originally from Brazil and identify myself as Black and Latina. I am a clinical psychologist working at SCS since 2020. When staring at SCS, I walked into a space with a history of difficulty navigating diversity and inclusion issues among staff. During my time at ISU, I have relentlessly worked towards building a more equitable and just professional environment at my workplace for both employees and the students we serve. To expand my work, I joined the Student Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Committee in 2021 and worked with my peers to develop opportunities to increase awareness around diversity issues for the division employees. I am also part of the NCORE National Advisory Committee, where I can engage in the process of advocating for social justice in higher education advancing our field. In joining the Professional and Scientific Council, I envision an opportunity to not only talk about diversity issues but effectively participate in the creation of policies to enact actual support for diverse employees at ISU, improving their quality of life, and enacting the experience of equity and inclusion in all P&S workspaces at the University.

Brimah Vonjo Jr.

Residence Hall Coordinator - Campus Life

It has come to my attention the Professional and Scientific Council needs passionate, dedicated and curious professionals to fill a Councilor role.  Currently, I serve the institution as one of the full-time master degreed student affairs professionals in the position of Residence Life Coordinator. My professional experience in residence life spans more than a decade and a half.  In that time, I’ve worked in five US time zones at 10 different institutions. These institution types include a community college, an HBCU, 3 regional universities, a liberal arts college, a public ivy league institution, one flag ship university, a stand-alone STEAM academy within a university system and finally a large research university in the Midwestern region of the United States.  I’ve served on numerous committees at many of these institutions.  It is my hope to learn more about Iowa State University and the dynamic individuals who serve it, while lending my unique perspective to serve the Professional and Scientific Council.

Leah Weeks

Associate Director of Assignments and Customer Experience - Campus Life

My name is Leah Weeks and I am the Associate Director of Assignments and Customer Experience in the Department of Residence. I have been at Iowa State since Fall 2011 when I started as an undergraduate student and then became a full-time employee upon graduation in May 2015. I first worked in the Academic Success Center before changing to the Department of Residence, where I have been for the past 5 years. I would like to serve on the Professional and Scientific Council for the opportunity to work with different staff members across different areas of the University that I wouldn't normally interact with. I'm also interested in learning more about the issues P&S staff are faced with and how I can be an advocate for the Student Affairs division. I love working for Iowa State and would appreciate the chance to contribute to the overall experience of P&S staff.