Cultivate Your Adventure: Growing Your Future


The Professional and Scientific Council Presents Your
6th Annual Professional Development Conference

The need for professional development for P&S Employees has long been a priority for the Professional and Scientific Council. One of professional development opportunities Council has created is the full-day Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Conference.

The 2018 Professional and Scientific Council Professional Developent Conference will include 32 sessions and 47 speakers and will be held at the Scheman Building of the Iowa State Center on Wednesday, February 14th! 

Look forward to sessions on topics that fall within the categories of leadership, health and wellness, professional resources, and human interactions! You will have the opportunity to plow the ground for a successful career by exploring campus resources; sow the seeds for increased productivity by learning new skills and competencies; grow relationships by networking with fellow P&S Employees; tend to your personal well-being and professional fulfillment; reap the benefits for interacting with local and national experts; and sell yourself (and others) on professional development as a strategy for organizational success.

This conference aims to provide participants with a day focused on learning new skills and strengthening old ones, discovering useful tips that can be immediately applied in the workplace, and sharing techniques that may be utilized for increasing morale and motivation within our workplaces. The agenda for this entire day dedicated to YOUR professional and personal development can be found here.

The 2018 Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Conference Planning Sub-Committee includes P&S Employees who are also serving on Council as well as P&S Employees who are not currently serving on Council. Each of the Conference Planning Subcommittee members have volunteered their time, effort, and energy to coordinate this 6th annual event dedicated to the professional development of Iowa State University P&S Employees.

Conference Registration will open December 7th!

(we HIGHLY recommend that you review the session descriptions, which include learning objectives, PRIOR to registering)

Registration Rates: $90 (Early Registration, December 7, 2017 - January 23, 2018) and $105 (Regular Registration, January 24, 2018 - February 7, 2018)

You will need to provide an ISU Account Number when registering.