Update Guidelines

These notes and guidelines can be used when updating this website. This will improve consistency across pages, and will aid with maintenance and archiving.

How to get to this page: Under Navigation, go to Page Tree. It will be visible there.



Steps for updating a page

  1. Navigate to page
  2. click 'edit'
  3. make changes
  4. save and preview (draft)
  5. send link or note? to others for review
  6. publish when ready
    1. release draft
    2. Check that links are valid
      1. Use W3 Link checker against our site

Steps for adding a new page

  • go to the page tree
  • click on the new parent page
    • How to decide where parent/page goes?
  • click the 'new' button

Steps for removing a page

  • Remove the page from the navigation bar
    • Uncheck 'display in navigation'
    • Page is still viewable, via any existing links
    • Page is still visible in the Page Tree
  • In the Page Tree, move it to the 'archived pages' page.
  • Use W3 Link checker against our site
  • Generally, we want to retain pages long-term.
    • rely on revisions?
    • Delete it? no
    • Archive it??


  • Editor - to get a better window, use the 'maximize' button(4 arrows)
  • Always enable 'SCAYT', spell check as you type (ABC checkmark)




links to external sites



Don't change permissions for individual pages. We rely on the admins.


File Browser

  • Don't use spaces in page names, folder names or file names. They make links/URLs ugly. Use '-' instead.
  • Only put files in 'Put files here' and below. Leave the other top-level folders alone.
  • Use all lower-case.
  • Put all photos in 'photos', not in the committee folders.
  • Once a file is no longer needed, move it to the 'archive' folder in the same folder. Move it back if it is ever needed in the future.
    • Deleted files can never be recovered.
  • Files and folders can be renamed if necessary, but all links to them will break. This includes links from inside our side, and links from outside. Be careful.
  • After making changes to file names, folder names, or links, run the link checker on our whole site.