Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures Committee strives to ensure that all university policies and procedures pertaining to P&S employees are reasonable, fair and just.

The purpose of the Policies and Procedures Committee is to review policies and procedures within the ISU community that pertain to P&S employees and to respond to concerns and questions from constituents involving ISU and P&S policies and procedures.


  • Bring policies and procedures of concern to the attention of the Professional and Scientific Council and the appropriate ISU body.
  • Develop and recommend revisions or alternative approaches that will best serve the interest of P&S employees.

2018 Year End Report

    Committee e-mail:

    Council Members

    Paul Easker, Chair

    Ben Boecker

    Steve Couchman

    Austin Haytko

    Sara Parris

    Rich Wrage

    Non-council Members

    Brenda Behling (ex officio)
    Kristi Darr (ex officio)
    Sheryl Rippke (ex officio)