Highlighting ISU Staff

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From the September 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Katie Wiegand, Finance Supervisor with Finance Service Delivery. 

Katie was nominated by Jennifer Schroeder, Finance Supervisor with Finance Service Delivery who said, "I would like to recognize Katie Wiegand.  Katie is a Finance Supervisor in Spruce.  Katie is a great communicator and has a knack for explaining confusing topics.  I often reach out to Katie for assistance understanding specific accounting topics that might seem obvious to others.  Katie always responds in a friendly manner, I can see the smile on her face when I read her emails.  She explains concepts in an easy to understand manner and without making you feel inadequate for asking.  Finance Service Delivery and ISU are lucky to have Katie on their team!"

September Highlighting ISU Staff recipient, Katie Wiegand




Congratulations Katie, and thank you for all you do!





From the August 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Scott Willsey, Business Administrator II with the Child Welfare Research and Training Project. 

Scott was nominated by Rachel Vos Carrillo. Programs Manager with the CWRTP who said, "As Business Administrator for CWRTP, Scott oversees varied and complicated funding streams while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of processes.  He recently stepped in to take on additional duties and quickly worked to streamline tasks and build strong relationships.  Scott is proactive in looking for solutions and provides apt guidance on contracting, budget and billing. Thank you, Scott, for all you do to keep us on track! Your work is highly valued!"

August Highlighting ISU Staff recipient, Scott Willsey




Congratulations Scott, and thank you for all you do!





From the July 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Heidi Long, Executive Assistant with the Alumni Association.

Heidi Long was nominated by Tom Elston, Director of Operation with the Alumni Association who said, "Heidi Long is the quite engine behind the Alumni Association. She has been with the organization for a number of years and has continued to put her colleagues, ISUAA board members, alumni, students, and friends at the forefront of all she does. Heidi’s ability to anticipate and plan, consistently benefit those around her. Her dedication to the organization often leads to her working a number of nights and weekends to ensure she has succeeding in accomplishing her goals. The ISUAA is fortunate to have Heidi as a powerful member of the team."

July 2021 Highlighting ISU staff recipient, Heidi Long




Congratulations Heidi, and thank you for all you do!





From the June 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Jenni Winter, Finance Manager with Finance Service Delivery.

Jenni Winter was nominated by Jennifer Schroeder, Finance Supervisor with Finance Service Delivery who said, "I would like to recognize Jenni for her outstanding leadership.  Jenni is a Finance Manager in Finance Service Delivery (ISD) and leads this still young unit with pride, knowledge, and compassion.  She is very knowledgeable about the financial transactions in Workday, she is very supportive of her staff of Supervisors and specialists and she is passionate about collaborating with departments and colleges.  Jenni also stepped up in Fall 2020 to coordinate and assist with COVID-19 testing at Johnny's.  She was a vital part in ensuring testing ran smoothly for the ISU community."

June 2021 Highlighting ISU staff recipient, Jenni Winter




Congratulations Jenni, and thank you for all you do!





From the May 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Lexi Elliot, Liz Hergert, and Tessa Brow with LAS Career Services.

The LAS Career Services team was nominated by Taren Reker, Director of LAS Career Services who said, "I would like to highlight the LAS Career Services team members I supervise. When I unexpectedly had to take a medical leave of absence in August. Lexi, Liz, and Tessa stepped in and not only went above and beyond in their own positions during the transition back to campus and the start of the fall semester, but also took on many of my projects. They eagerly took on extra responsibilities during one of our busiest times of the year, while also managing the additional challenges cause by Covid-19."



Congratulations Lexi, Liz, and Tessa, and thank you for all you do!



From the April 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Misty Treanor, Postdoc Coordinator with the ISU Graduate College.

Misty was nominated by Karin Lawton-Dunn, Director of Graduate College Career Services who said, "Misty has been in her role as the Postdoc Coordinator for 2 years. Since her arrival, she has supported the postdocs with numerous opportunities to connect with other postdocs, gain employability skills, develop friendships, and writing opportunities. Misty is an excellent collaborator and able to find resources around campus and beyond to support the postdocs. She has been especially creative at taking services to our VetMed postdocs."

Misty Treanor, April 2021 Highlighting ISU Staff Spotlight recipient, pictured third from rightCongratulations Misty, and thank you for all you do!

From the March 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Diann Burright, director of Undergraduate Programs with the Ivy College of Business.

Diann was nominated by Jamie Sass, Interim Director of the Ivy College of Business Communications Center who said, "Undergraduate advising is so valuable to ISU students, and Diann leads a great team of advisers! Everyone on her team acknowledges that she's a great person to work for because she's a good decision maker and is always a cheerleader for her team's successes! Diann understands the intricacies of ISU and strives to keep her team innovative, fresh, and on their best game."

Diann Burright, March 2021 Highlighting ISU Staff Spotlight recipientCongratulations Diann, and thank you for all you do!

From the February 2021 Newsletter: 

This month we recognize Erin Kramer and Scott Willsey, Instructional Design and Development Program Coordinators with the ISU Child Welfare Research and Training Project.

Erin and Scott were nominated by Rachel Vos Carrillo, ISU Service Training Team Lead with the ISU Child Welfare Research and Training Project who said, "Erin Kramer and Scott Willsey spearheaded the launch of the statewide, online mandatory reporter training. Erin Kramer was in charge of the design and development and Scott Willsey produced and oversaw the script writing and voice over content. Since July of 2019, the training has certified over 100,000 Iowans. We are pleased to partner with IDHS and Mandatory Reporters in the state; two essential partners in protecting Iowa's children and dependent adults from abuse."

Erin Kramer and Scott Willsey, February 2021 Highlighting ISU Staff Spotlight recipientsCongratulations Erin and Scott, and thank you for all you do!

From the January 2021 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Megan Peterson, Administrative Assistant with the Senior Vice President and Provost Office

Megan was nominated by Katherine Hensley, Faculty Success Coordinator with the Senior Vice President and Provost Office who said, "I want to highlight Megan Peterson for her outstanding work in the Senior Vice President and Provost Office and specifically for our Faculty Success Team. Megan is the calming influence in our department. Her main job is the Admin Assistant for Associate Provost, Dawn Bratsch-Prince. This can be a high stress job with schedule changes, deadlines to meet and Megan handles it all with ease. Not only that, she makes life easier for the rest of us on the team. We appreciate her so much!"

Megan Peterson, January 2021 Highlighting ISU Staff Spotlight recipientCongratulations Megan, and thank you for all you do!

From the December 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Heather Simmons, Occupational Safety Specialist with Environmental Health and Safety

Heather was nominated by Cody Volkmann, Occupational Safety Specialist with Environmental Health and Safety who said, "Heather has been instrumental in developing and implementing an incident investigation and injury prevention program. Through this she has created rapport and relationships that have helped University departments identify areas to potentially reduce injuries by providing analysis and reports of injury related data."

Heather Simmons, December 2020 Highlighting ISU staff Spotlight recipientCongratulations Heather, and thank you for all you do!

From the November 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Heidi Doellinger, Director of Education Preparation Programs with the School of Education.

Heidi was nominated by Lisa Woolery, Coordinator of Educator Assessment and Program Evaluation who said, "The Educator Preparation Program at ISU recently underwent a review by the Iowa Department of Education. Though doing well is most definitely a team effort, Heidi Doellinger did an exceptional job spearheading the project for more than 2 years and shepherding an excellent program report and site visit for a 12-member review team.  We would not have fared as well as we did without the leadership, guidance and work she gave to the project. "

Heidi Doellinger, November 2020 Highlighting ISU Staff RecipientCongratulations Heidi, and thank you for all you do!

From the October 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize the New Student Programs & Virtual Visits Team with the Office of Admissions.

The New Student Programs & Virtual Visits Team consists of P&S employees: Stacey Barnes, Mackenzie Bourke, Kristin Chapman, Haley Davis, Erica Fischer, Brylee Groskreutz, Pat Hahn, Mark Hull, Ali Jensen, Sarah Merrill, Cole Mulligan, Justin Nauman, Erin Nelson, Nicole Nicholson, Kim Ohge, Blake Red Elk, Jen Sass, and Claudia Tigges. The New Student Programs & Virtual Visits Team was nominated by the Awards Committee with the Office of Admission who said, "This group worked tirelessly to innovate during the COVID-19 environment to bring our typically scheduled on-campus events to students virtually. The teams created virtual campus visits that are hosted by the Campus Visits team Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students are able to interact with Admissions staff and Academic Advisers during their visit. The team also transitioned June freshman orientation to serve students and families completely online. The students complete modules and informative sessions prior to scheduling a meeting with their Academic Adviser to schedule classes. We wanted to recognize this team’s efforts to continue serving admitted and prospective students during this difficult time!"

New Student Programs & Virtual Visits Teams, October 2020 Highlighting ISU staff recipient



Congratulations New Student Programs & Virtual Visits Team, and thank you for all you do!

From the September 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Jody Larson, Event Manager with Conference Planning and Management.

Jody was nominated by Jennifer Vit, Event Manager with Conference Planning and Management who said, "Jody is the consummate professional. She has been an event planner for 20 years and instrumental to bringing large "mega events" to campus - events that provide great exposure to young people who may someday choose to adventure at ISU and also bring an external funding source to various university departments. Jody has never met a stranger and her clients love her. She's a thoughtful communicator, organized (as all good planners are), an advocate for ISU Extension & Outreach, & a great colleague."

Jody Larson, September 2020 Highlighting ISU Staff recipient


Congratulations Jody, and thank you for all you do!





From the August 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Rhonda Evans, Program Assistant in the department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Rhoda was nominated by Jo Ann Lee, Program Coordinator in the department of Human Development and Family Studies who said, "Since Rhonda has joined the Parenting: It's a Life (PIAL) team, the number of school visits more than doubled from the previous year and, as a result PIAL reached 1,844 youth across Iowa. She wears many hats on our team. From organizing the tasks of the growing number of ISU student employees to providing quality customer service and responding to the continual stream of incoming school visit requests. She strives to create a strong sense of connection among the PIAL team."

Rhonda Evans, August 2020 Highlighting ISU staff recipient



Congratulations Rhonda, and thank you for all you do!




From the July 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Lisa Green, Field Team Specialist III and Field Supervisor - Central Field of Iowa 4-H

Lisa was nominated by Norma Dorado-Robles, Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Lead for Iowa 4-H who said, "Lisa Green started her Extension & 4-H career about four years ago. Ever since I've known her, she has shown me venues to create success and help others be successful. She creates true inclusion in every project she leads.  She has shown so much care and effectiveness working with the African American, Refugees, Immigrant and other marginalized populations in central Iowa."

Congratulations Lisa, and thank you for all you do!

From the June 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Cara Fila, Program Assistant in Campus Organizations Accounting.

Cara was nominated by Jamie Barker, accounting manager of Campus Organizations Accounting in the Controller's Department who said, "Cara has assisted more students than can be counted. She has worked with the offices of Risk Management, Trademark Licensing, Recreation Services, Sorority and Fraternity Engagement and Student Activities Center among other administrative units within the division and the Division of Student Affairs, and all across the university colleges with faculty advisors. "This relationship requires grace, professionalism, encouragement, problem resolution, patience and a smile that always puts our partners at ease. When we worked to customize Workday processes, Cara worked tirelessly to come up with creative solutions to make a student p-card system work for her and the program coordinator in order to reallocate tens of thousands of transactions in excess of $3.4M annually for over 1,200 cardholders."

Congratulations Cara, and thank you for all you do!

From the May 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Jamie Niman, Accessibility Coordinator in Student Accessibility Services.

Jamie was nominated by Ian Allen, Accessibility Coordinator in Student Accessibility Services (SAS), who said, "Jamie began working for ISU shortly before the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester. She immediately took the lead on a coaching/mentoring program that involves an in-depth awareness of disability. SAS has been trying to develop similar programs for years. She organized graduate students and staff, recruited qualified students, and systematized strategies to support academic and social development. Jamie also hosts a nuero-diversity group every Thursday evening in the SSB. Fantastic person and teammate!"

Congratulations Jamie, and thank you for all you do!

From the April 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Peter Lawlor, Greenhouse Manager of Horticulture.

Peter was nominated by Susan DeBlieck, Iowa Master Gardener Program Coordinator who said, "Pete is a dedicated staff member who is committed to students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Horticulture. He championed the transition to a pesticide-free greenhouse and has mentored other greenhouse managers to make similar changes to reduce pesticide use. he is a lifelong learner, wonderful mentor, and is passionate about supporting research. He is conducive to new ideas and has a positive attitude."

Congratulations Peter, and thank you for all you do!

From the March 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Katy Cran, Coordinator of Communication and Strategic Initiatives with the Dean of Students Office.

Katy was nominated by Liz Luiken, who said: "Katy has been pivotal in branding and marketing the Dean of Students Office.  Since becoming the Coordinator of Communication, she has launched a student ambassador program, worked to redesign the brand, and bring awareness to campus about who the Dean of Students Office is.  On a personal note, Katy is an amazing colleague.  She cares about others and goes out of her way to show her appreciation for the work that others do and check-in personally."

Congratulations Katy, and thank you for all you do!

From the February 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize the Student Counseling Services Team for their outstanding work. 

The Student Counseling Services (SCS) Team was nominated by Erin Baldwin, Interim Director of Student Counseling Services and Assistant Vice President for Student Health & Wellness, who said: "Student health and well-being are inextricably linked to student academic success, and the SCS team plays an invaluable role in supporting student mental health. Through their walk-in model, students are linked to services in their exact moment of need. The team continues to provide a menu of services including group therapy, workshops, individual counseling, biofeedback, career exploration, Let’s Talk, and more. The SCS senior staff also play a key role in training the next generation of mental health professionals through SCS’s accredited training program. As articulated in client satisfaction comments, our SCS team is helping our students improve their well-being and ultimate success at ISU!"

Congratulations SCS Team, and thank you for all that you do!

From the January 2020 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Brian Rowe-Barth for his outstanding work as the Hospital Relations Coordinator with the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Brian was nominated by Stephanie F West, Director of Hospital Relations with the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, who said: "Brian, our Hospital Relations Coordinator, is a voice of calm in difficult situations. He effectively supervises the front desk staff for our small animal and large animal hospitals, supporting them as they handle myriad difficult situations on the phone and in person. He competently and kindly smooths over client issues, doctor concerns, and generally keeps everyone calm and happy in our teaching hospital. Thank you, Brian!"

Congratulations Brian, and thank you for all that you do!

From the December 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Brett Willenborg for his outstanding work as an Administrative Specialist I in the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Brett was nominated by Jessica Bell, Program Coordinator I in the Grants Hub, who said: "Brett is a lifesaver! I often find myself needing assistance with organizing schedules and meetings and he has always saved the day. I know when I need help he will jump in and do what he can and lead me in the right direction. His willingness to take on tasks helps me stay focused on other things as I know once he says he’ll do something I don’t have to worry about it any longer. Thanks Brett!"

Congratulations Brett, and thank you for all that you do!

From the November 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Julia Gwebu, Megan Moore, and Isaac Ehlers with the Student Loan Education Office for their outstanding work as Financial Literacy Advisors.

The Financial Literacy Advisors were nominated by Jennifer Schroeder, Program Coordinator in the Student Loan Education Office, who said: "The advisers in the Student Loan Education Office are dedicated to improving the financial wellness of our students. The advisers continually work to improve service and delivery of our message to help engage students on a topic that is usually avoided, financial management. At times, the advisers must conduct difficult meetings with students regarding their ability to afford a college education. The advisers strive to work with students to find a way to pay but that is not always practical. The advisers use compassion and honesty when counseling students individually and ingenuity when developing programming to spread financial awareness."

Congratulations Julia, Megan, and Isaac, and thank you for all that you do!

From the October 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Marisa Mendoza for her outstanding work as a Program Assistant in Aerospace Engineering.

>Marisa was nominated by Arlene Grebasch, Administrative Assistant, Aerospace Engineering, who said: "Marisa has been a consummate professional since her first day at Iowa State. She handles her responsibilities extremely well and still finds time to help out in the Aerospace office. She's been a leader during the transition to Workday, never missing a beat and keeping the faculty up to date as well with the new processes. Marisa also took time to share her knowledge with other graduate assistants. Aerospace is lucky to have Marisa on our team!"

Congratulations Marisa, and thank you for all that you do!

From the September 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Cindy Robertson for her outstanding work as a Program Assistant II with the Seed Science Center.

Lori Youngberg, Program Coordinator II with the Graduate Program in Seed Technology & Business, nominated Robertson, and said: "Cindy has been a true team player at the Seed Science Center from the very first day she started the job. She is always willing to take on new projects, is extremely professional and is a very talented graphic designer. She is very driven to have all our publications, websites, advertisements and promotional items look their very best. Cindy is quick to ask how she can help and is not afraid to learn how to do new things. We really value Cindy and are lucky to have such a talented person working at the Seed Science Center!"

Congratulations Cindy, and thank you for all that you do!

From the August 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Josh Obrecht for his outstanding work as a GIS Analyst with the GIS Facility in the College of Design.

Robin McNeely, GIS Manager with the GIS Facility, nominated Obrecht, and said: "Josh is a great person to work with, always   happy to take on a new projects, does thorough and high quality GIS and programming work, and gets our clients what they need."

 Congratulations Josh, and thank you for all you do!

From the July 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Cathy Owen for her outstanding work as a Program Assistant II with the Grants Hub.

Jessica Bell, Program Coordinator I with the Grants Hub, nominated Owen, and said: "The Grants Hub had an employee retire, and Cathy Owen has been pivotal in taking on additional responsibilities while we search for the retiree's replacement. Cathy's willingness to jump in and learn new things has been a huge asset to the team!"

Congratulations Cathy, and thank you for all you do!

From the June 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Nora Ryan for her outstanding work as an Inclusion Services Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Steven Moats, Director of Student Accessibility Services, nominated Ryan, and said: "Dr. Ryan (Nora) joined the ISU family as a professional staff member in the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) in March 2017. As ISU's first "Inclusion Services Coordinator," Nora has become a key partner in Student Accessibility Services (SAS) work with campus partners related to ensuring access and inclusive practices that benefit student, faculty, and staff with varying abilities. Nora regularly demonstrates understanding of the issues and policy while using excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills that lead to improvement of the situation-at-hand. Nora is expert at collaborating across departments while keeping in mind the obligations of the university and rights of individuals. She demonstrates a positive, "can-do" attitude in difficult situations while relying upon her outstanding communication skills, experience, and expertise to solve problems and plan for improved access/inclusion."

Congratulations Nora, and thank you for all you do!

From the May 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Seth Miller for his outstanding work as an Enrollment Service Adviser in the Office of Student and Financial Aid.

Seth Miller, May 2019 Highlighting ISU Staff recipientJennifer Schroeder, Program Coordinator for Student Loan Education/Financial Aid, nominated Miller, and said: "Seth Miller has been with the OSFA for about 6 years. I would like to recognize Seth because his dedication to students is outstanding! Seth has the ability to connect with students in a way that allows him to explain the complex financial aid process. Seth is an outstanding co-worker as well due to his dependability. Seth is always willing to jump in to help cover appointments or shifts when another adviser calls in sick or when the office needs some extra help."


Congratulations Seth, and thank you for all you do!

From the April 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Ron Cox for his outstanding work as the Director of CIRAS.

Tiffany Thuney, HR coordinator in the College of Engineering, nominated Cox, and said: "Ron is always ready to jump in to  go above and beyond. He has volunteered to lead strategic teams and participate in committees as change progresses  across campus. He is able to bring an outside, engineering and internal perspective to these teams. As director of CIRAS,  Ron has grown the center year over year, impacting not only ISU but communities in 95 of Iowa’s 99 counties with an  economic impact of millions of dollars. He has assisted with matching 153 capstone projects with companies across the  state. Ron is truly motivated to help others and it shows in his relationships across our campus, our community and our  state."

Congratulations Ron, and thank you for all you do!

From the March 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Camille Schroeder for her outstanding work as a Programs Manager in Engineering Outreach/CIRAS.

Nicolle Fannin, Program Coordinator for Engineering Outreach, nominated Schroeder, and said: "Camille is a true cyclone.  She goes above and beyond leading the largest outreach department of any college, promoting diversity in STEM, working  on a grant through CIRAS and leading Manufacturing Day efforts for the state of Iowa. Her innovative approach, personable  and excellence management skills is key in the success of all the programs, boards and events she takes part in. It is no  wonder that her work with the help of a small staff and planning team reaches diverse audiences all over Iowa with over 100  events a year."

Congratulations Camille, and thank you for all you do!

F rom the February 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Ranae Roberts for her outstanding work as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in the Thielen Student Health Center.

Sara Parris, associate director of the Thielen Heallth Center, nominated Roberts, and said: "Ranae is a dedicated mental health provider that consistently goes above and beyond for her patients. Her personality puts her patients at ease, instantly building trust. Every week we receive positive feedback from her patients and how she has helped them through a delicate situation or impacted their time here at Iowa State. Ranae has been instrumental in the growth and success of the mental health program at TSHC, which is an important service for our students and the health of the university." 

Congratulations, Ranae, and thank you for all you do!

From the January 2019 Newsletter:

This month we recognize Taren Crow for her outstanding work as Director of LAS Career Services.Leslie Grinder's nomination stated, "Taren has transformed Career Services for Liberal Arts and Sciences students. She enlisted college support to to double the staff of her office to provide rich and personalized services for the thousands of undergraduate and graduate students in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She developed a careers course which began in fall 2018 and established a scholarship program for unpaid internships to remove financial barriers for students to get invaluable experience in their chosen field. She has spoken on professional development topics at Young Professionals of Ames, the P&S Professional Development Conference and P&S Seminar Series.

Congratulations, Taren, and thank you for all you do!