Strategic Inititiatives 2020-21


The Iowa State University (ISU) Professional and Scientific Council (Council) continually strives towards service, advocacy, and representation of the Professional and Scientific Employees of ISU. As part of this service, advocacy, and representation, the Council—in communication with all Professional and Scientific Employees of ISU—identifies strategic initiatives important to Professional and Scientific employees, and the greater ISU community. 

Council engaged in a 2020-2021 strategic initiative planning session during ad-hoc committee meetings held in the last weeks of July, 2020. Council will work to address these 2020-21 priorities in addition to, or in conjunction with, the Council priorities of: Serving as the voice of P&S employees in the shared governance structure; investigating and responding to P&S employee concerns; providing professional development opportunities for P&S employees; honoring P&S employees; representing P&S employees; encouraging P&S employee engagement.

The strategic initiative ideas, suggestions, and comments provided by councilors during the July 2020 ad-hoc committee meetings were condensed by the Council Executive Committee during their retreat on July 27, into four strategic initiatives, which include:


Support and advocate for solutions that directly address COVID-19 related concerns of Professional and Scientific employees, including flexible work arrangements, mental health support, flexible parking agreements, and accessible COVID-related employee resources.


Continue to advocate for meaningful supervisor training with a focus on the fundamentals of being a supervisor at Iowa State University that addresses basics such as supervisory processes in Workday, what policies and procedures supervisors need to be familiar with, where to locate Human Resources forms.


Make recommendations to ensure successful communication of the final phase of the Classification and Compensation Review, with particular attention to outlining employee rights, working titles, compensation structure, market equity, and helping staff to understand their options for career progression.


Represent the interests of Professional and Scientific Council employees while supporting the University’s efforts to explore additional, temporary cost-reducing measures through active engagement in the discussion and decision-making process.


Council committees and vice presidents will reference ideas and suggestions collected from councilors as a foundation for the development of meaningful strategies to address priorities and initiatives.

These inititiatives were evaluated and summarized by Council president Sara Parris and the Professional and Scientific Council Executive Committee.This is not meant to be a finite list, and initiatives may evolve over time. If you have any questions regarding any of the initiatives or have suggestions for additional initiatives, please send them to the Professional and Scientific Council Executive Committee (