About Us

Professional and Scientific Council is a resource and advocate for P&S employees at Iowa State. From providing professional development and resources to gathering constituent feedback to influence University policy, We're here to help you! Our executive committee routinely meets with University leaders and those leaders also attend council meetings to provide updates and get feedback from all council members.

Members are responsible to and elected by their peers - P&S employees - each year. Forty members make up overall council representing Academic Affairs, Business & Finance, President's Office and Student Affairs. Within council, there are seven elected officials. Council also has standing committess that serve specific needs. Meetings are held monthly and open to all employees.

How do you get involved? Run for council!

Have a question? Ask your council representative to help.

Professional and Scientific Council Information Flyer PDF

Professional and Scientific Letters of Support from University Leaders

Letter of Support from Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert

Letter of Support from Interim Vice President for University Human Resources Kristi Darr