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2021 Professional and Scientific Council

Professional Development Experience


The 2021 Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Experience will be held virtually via Hopin on February 25, 2021, from 8 AM to 12:45 PM. 

And you'll have additional opportunities to engage with our keynote speaker through a Human Workplace Gathering on March 10th.


Keynote Speaker Renée SmithHeadshot of Renee Smith

Renée Smith, Founder and CEO of A Human Workplace, inspires work cultures across the globe to thrive and be more human-centered. Her secret? More love and less fear. That’s what her primary research and twenty years of organization development experience has revealed.

As a researcher, speaker, writer, teacher and host of A Human Workplace Gathering, Renée shares her experiences and insights on making work more human. As a leader, her team is guided by, designs around, and operates with care to offer services and products that create more love in the world.


There are TWO registration options!

Option 1: Register for February 25, 2021 - $25.00

8:00 - 8:30 AM – Log-in and explore the Virtual Environment and interact with colleagues.

8:30 - 10:15 AM – Welcome and Keynote Speaker Renée Smith - Making Work More Human

What must today’s leaders and team members do to create an environment where customers are satisfied, team members thrive, and organizations flourish? Together they must create A Human Workplace! Wise, successful workplaces work in concert with human performance factors not against them, welcome diverse people to bring their true selves to work, and value essential human skills rather than denigrating them.

Based on insights from Renée Smith’s primary research, learn how caring workplaces are more effective workplaces. Explore the neuroscience of fear and love; discover practices anyone can use to create more trust, engagement, and performance on teams; and explore the role of accountability in a human workplace. Be inspired to make your work more human every day!

10:15 - 10:30 AM – Networking Break

10:30 AM – 11:20 AM – Dialogue Sessions

Each Dialogue Session will be led by a moderator and participants should come ready to contribute to the discussion as well as listen and learn from their peers.  Knowledge, insights, and experiences will be shared.

Dialogue Session topics will include:

Making Time for Yourself When Working from Home – How are You Finding a Balance?

What is working and what isn't?  Join this dialogue session to share ideas and find out how others are making working from home work while still making time for themselves!

Navigating a Polarized Environment

Working with with individuals with varying perspectives is essential to success!  Join this dialogue session to share ideas and find out how others are navigating and finding ways to bring individuals together at work!

Having a Voice, Not Just a Face on the Screen

Are you showing up, but not being heard?  Do you feel like members of your team want to say something, but don't?  Join this dialogue session to get and share ideas on how to be heard as well as how encourage participation from others in virtual environments!

Getting and Staying Engaged with Our Larger Community

Have you gotten involved with our larger community?  Are you looking to?  Join this dialogue session to get and share ideas on how to become more engaged as well as to stay energized and connected both emotionally and physically with our larger communities!

Ideas for Surviving the Pandemic – How are You Having Fun?

Knowing how to have fun, whether physically or mentally, is a big part of staying healthy and happy in your personal life.  Join this dialogue session to share ideas and find out how others are making it happen during a pandemic!

Assuring Inclusion in Virtual Spaces

Are you thinking about how to assure inclusion in virtual spaces?  Did you just realize that you probably should be?  Join this dialogue session to share ideas and find out what others are doing to make sure that our virtual spaces are inclusive too!

Bringing FUN into Virtual Meetings

Fun at work can increase job satisfaction, performance, and employee rententional while decreasing emotional exhaustion and turnover.  Join this dialogue session to share ideas and find out how others are bringing fun into virtual meetings!

11:20 - 11:35 AM – Networking Break

11:35 - 12:15 PM – Closing and Keynote Speaker Renée Smith - A Swiss Army Knife for Your Human Workplace

After you get inspired and excited to make work more human, your next question might be, "How? What can I do to put the principles of A Human Workplace into action?”

There aren’t “5 steps to always make work more human.” And you should run away fast from anyone who tells you there are. But this simple and universally useful tool can help you determine what to do in most any situation you face to make it and your work more human. In this thirty-minute session, you will identify your own challenge, learn about the tool, hear examples of how the tool works, and then apply the tool to your challenge. You will walk away with a useful plan you can use again and again. 

12:15 - 12:45 PM – Wellness Lunch Activities

Join us for an interactive wellness activity!

Reset, Refresh, and Refocus Your Workday with Chair Yoga
Nikki, Recreation Services Yoga Instructor

Keep your body in motion through simple warm-up movements and stretches!  Chair yoga is a great way to gently stretch and strengthen key muscles while using a chair without arms for support.  Join us in this accessible, convenient, and stress reducing practice to improve your wellbeing!

Interventions for Moving to a Healthy Financial Future
Suzanne Bartholomae, Assistant Professor, Human Development & Family Studies

Review the ingredients that make up your financial well-being!  Suzanne will share practical resources and simple actions you can take to achieve a better state of financial well-being by addressing financial stress and increasing your feeling of financial security and freedom.

Moving for the Health of It
Jody Gatewood, Education Extension Specialist, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach

Follow along as you are lead through a short, low-impact cardio pyramid and stretching routine from 12:15-12:30.  Then from 12:30-12:45 learn about resources on Spend Smart. Eat Smart. that can help you keep moving for the health of it.

Making Zucchini Hummus Wraps: A Virtual Tutorial
Maren Wolf, Clinical Assistant Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Join Maren and ISU dietetics students for a 30 minute virtual cooking class from the Culinary Discovery Lab. Cook up a quick, delicious lunch of Zucchini Hummus Wraps while learning a few nutrition facts in celebration of American Heart Month.

If you would like to gather the items needed in advance and cook along with Maren and the dietetics students during the tutorial, here are the recipies:

Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workspace
Karen Couves,CELT, and Carrie Giese, Student Wellness

Explore the use of mindfulness practices to mitigate heightened stress and anxiety in your workspace!  Join us to discover how to incorporate mindfulness practices in your workspace and to increase your overall knowledge of mindfulness practices.


Option 2: Register for February 25, 2021 AND a Human Workplace Gathering with our Keynote Speaker Renée Smith - $40.00

A Human Workplace Gathering™ is a 90-minute virtual experiential learning opportunity for the support needed right now. Following the “Make Work More Human” presentation, you know a more human way of working is a better way of working, better for people and better for performance. And you know THIS is the time to care for people, to strengthen culture, to build essential human skills, and to live in your values.

The Human Workplace Gatherings will be held virtually and are not trainings, not workshops, and not webinars. In this participatory space you will explore, discover, and practice essential human skills, learn about evidence-based practices for well-being, and experience these practices. The session will focus on creating peace and uplifting you with hope, practices you can use again and again.


A Human Workplace Gathering will be held via Zoom and has been scheduled for:

March 10 – 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM


Attendance for each Human Workplace Gathering is limited to 150 people per experience and a minimum attendance will need to be met for each session.  If minimum attendance is not met for the session you selected, you will have the opportunity to move to another session.

Registration for the Human Workplace Gatherings will open again at noon on February 25th and remain open until noon on March 5th for those who register for the February 25th experience only.


Registration is now closed for this event.

For questions or issues regarding an existing registration, please contact directly.