The Professional and Scientific Council Awards Committee does preliminary screening for P&S awards based on predefined selection criteria and makes its recommendations to the appropriate office. P&S awards for which the committee does the screening include the Regents Award for Staff Excellence, the Professional & Scientific Excellence Award, the Carroll Ringgenberg Award, and the P&S Outstanding New Professional Award. The committee also administers the CYtation Award and the Team Award.

All four areas of P&S employees are represented on the committee, as required by Professional and Scientific Council by-laws.

Professional and Scientific Council Awards Committee Policy:

  • If a member or officer of Professional and Scientific Council is nominated for an award, their nomination will be considered but names of all award winners will not be shared with the Executive Board or Professional and Scientific Council until after final winners have been notified.
  • If a member of the Awards Committee is nominated for an award they need to abstain from evaluating that award. They are also expected to remove themselves from reviewing awards for which they personally have an interest or when they know applicants personally. 

Awards Committee--Year End Report FY 21

Committee e-mail:

Council Members

Suzanne Ankerstjerne, Chair

Judy Knoblock

Emily Ladewig

Chris Myers

Melissa Swarg

David Welshhons