Compensation and Benefits

The Professional and Scientific Council Compensation & Benefits Committee works to assure a fair and equitable financial reward system for P&S employees. The C&B Committee's responsibility is to assess the effectiveness of the university's classification and compensation system. They develop and recommend revisions to the plan as well as provide counsel to the Professional and Scientific Council in the university's annual budgeting process pertaining to issues such as budget requests for salary, salary distribution, adjustments to the pay structure, and other compensation concerns. The committee also assesses and recommends action on issues dealing with staff benefits including leaves, professional development, insurance, and retirement.

The C&B Committee identified the following issues to address:

  • Fair compensation for P&S employees
  • Review of P&S Classification and Compensation system in collaboration with University Human Resources
  • Review potential additons to the Benefits package including employee leave, professional development, and sick leave.

If you would like more information on your benefits, please visit the University Human Resources Benefits page.


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