Professional and Scientific Council Docket

Docket items listed here have come before the Professional and Scientific Council for action. The most recent items are listed first. Docket items presented before FY 2014 are on the Docket Archives page.

FY18SP1FY18SP01: Special Report to Council - Statement to the Iowa Board of Regents on Salary Policies for FY2019Presented 5/3/18
FY18.3Motion: Salary and Benefit Recommendation with Report for FY19Presented 1/4/18
Passed 1/4/18
FY18.2Motion: Endorse Expanded Donated Leave PolicyPresented 11/1/17
Passed 12/7/17
FY18.1Motion: Endorse Sexual Misconduct Policy Regarding StudentsPresented 11/1/17
Passed 12/7/17
FY17SP317SP03: Special Report to Council - Professional and Scientific Council Year End ReportPresented 5/25/17
FY17SP217SP02: Special Report to Council – Statement to the Iowa Board of Regents on Salary Policies for FY2018Presented 5/4/17
FY17.6Motion: Document a Shared Governance Philosophy at Iowa State UniversityPresented 5/4/17
Passed 5/25/17
FY17.5Motion: Amend the Rules and Bylaws of the Professional and Scientific CouncilPresented 5/4/17
Passed 5/25/17
FY17.4Motion: Compensation and Benefits Recommendation for FY18 to University AdministrationPresented 5/4/17
Passed 5/25/17
FY17.3Motion: Create an Equity and Inclusion Committee (on Professional and Scientific Council)Presented 3/2/17
Passed 5/4/17
FY17.2Motion: Amend Professional and Scientific Council Bylaws to Reflect the Current University StructurePresented 2/2/17
Approved 3/2/17
FY17.1Motion: Inclusion of statement regarding Diversity and Inclusion in the FY 2017 Priorities and Strategic Initiatives Document

Presented 12/1/16
Approved 1/5/17

FY17SP117SP01: Special Report to Council – Response to UHR based on feedback received from

Professional and Scientific Council’s Motion FY16.7

Presented 7/7/16


FY16SP4 16SP04: Special Report to Council – Professional and Scientific Council Year End Report 2015-2016 Presented 5/26/16
FY16.11 Motion: To send the Compensation Recommendation for FY17 to University Administration Presented 5/5/16
Approved 5/26/16
FY16SP3 16SP03: Special Report to Council - Statement to the Iowa Board of Regents on Salary Policies for FY2017 Presented 5/5/16
FY16.10 Motion: To Amend the Rules and Bylaws of the Professional and Scientific Council

Presented 4/6/16
Approved 5/5/16

FY16.9 Motion: Sending the Iowa State University Lactation Spaces and Policies
Proposal to University Human Resources for action.
Presented 4/6/16
Approved 5/5/16
FY16.8 Motion: Sending Iowa State University Practices for Professional and Scientific Employees

 who also have for Credit Teaching Responsibilities Proposal to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost and University Human Resources

Presented 2/4/16
Approved 3/3/16
FY16.7 Motion: Seeking Clarification regarding interpretation and application of the Flexible Hours Program, Flex Time Policy, and Vacation Leave Policy during an Iowa State University partial closing Presented 1/7/16
Approved 1/7/16
FY16.6 Motion: Sending proposed changes to the Tuition Reimbursement Program to the University Benefits Committee Presented 1/7/16
Approved 2/4/16
FY16SP2 15SP02: Special Report to Council - Acquiring Additional Information about the Emerging Leaders Academy Leadership Program and the P35 minimum paygrade eligibility requirement for P&S Employees Presented 11/5/15
FY16.5 Motion: Video Cameras, Administrative Uses Policy Presented 10/7/15
Approved 11/5/15
FY16.4 Motion: Facilities and Grounds Use, Activities Policy Presented 10/7/15
Approved 11/5/15
FY16.3 Motion: Smoke Free Campus Policy Presented 10/7/15
Approved 11/5/15
FY16.2 Motion: Amend Professional and Scientific Bylaws Regarding Committee Appointments

Presented 11/5/15
Approved 12/3/15

FY16SP1 15SP01: Special Report to Council - Assuring P&S Employees Who are also Enrolled Students are Receiving Services Provided through Student Fees Presented 10/7/15
FY16.1 Motion: Outstanding New P&S Council Member CYtation Award Presented 8/6/15
Approved 9/3/15

Motion: Support of the Recruitment and Selection Policy

Presented 6/4/15
Approved 6/4/15


Motion: Recommendations for the FY16 P&S Salary Parameters

Presented 5/7/15
Approved 5/7/15


Motion: Support of the Assistance Animals Policy

Guide: Assistance Animals on Campus - Procedures and Guidance

Presented 3/5/15
Approved 4/1/15

FY15.4 Amendment to the P&S Bylaws

Presented 1/8/15
Approved 2/5/15


Amendment to the P&S Constitution

Constitution version showing edits

Final version 1/8/15
Approved by all staff vote 3/27/15

FY15.2 Motion: Data Classification Policy

Presented 8/7/14
Approved 9/4/14

FY15.1 Motion: P&S Positions At-Will and Exempt from P&S Policies Policy

Presented 8/7/14
Approved 9/4/14

FY14.6 Recommendation: Salary Policy FY 2015 Approved 3/6/14
FY14.5 Resolution: Dan Woodin Posthumous Appreciation Approved 10/3/13
FY14.4 Motion: Workforce Reorganization - P&S Approved 10/3/13
FY14.3 Resolution: Reclassification - P&S Approved 10/3/13
FY14.2 Motion: Dispute Resolution - P&S Approved 10/3/13
FY14.1 Resolution: Dismissal, Summary - P&S Approved 10/3/13