Supporting Materials from Council Meetings

June 25, 2020

UIT Update Presentation

May 7, 2020

UIT Update Presentation; ISD Update Presentation

April 2, 2020

UIT Update Presentation

March 5, 2020

University President Presentation

February 6, 2020

UHR Update Presentation

January 9, 2020

ISU Trademark Presentation

December 5, 2019

Student Affairs Update, Workday Planning Update, P&S Budget Update

November 6, 2019

UIT Update PresentationUHR Update PresentationBOR Budget Request Presentation

October 3, 2019

FY20 University Budget Narrative; FY20 University Budget; P&S Budget Update 

DPS Overview & Stun Guns Presentation; Finance ISD Update Presentation; Classification & Compensation Update Presentation

September 5, 2019

Workday HCM Update PresentationWorkCyte Finance & IT Update Presentation

August 1, 2019

WorkCyte Update PresentationUHR Update Presentation

July 11, 2019

WorkCyte Update Presentation

June 6, 2019

WorkCyte Update PresentationUHR ISD Transition Presentation

May 2, 2019

Direct Deposit PolicyDisability Accommodations Policy Draft for PLACNon-Employment Dates - Exempt P&SNonexempt Time Reporting Draft for PLAC

March 7, 2019

Transition Team PresentationWork Day Presentation

Feb. 7, 2019

Council Budget Update

Dec. 6, 2018

Council Budget Update

Oct. 31, 2018

Meeting Presentation

Oct. 4, 2018

Division of Student Affairs PrioritiesFY19 YTD Budget to Actuals

January 5, 2017

Awards Committee
Policies and Procedures Committee Presentation
Policies and Procedures Committee Flowchart
UHR Update
University Vice President for Research
VP Equity and Inclusion

December 1, 2016

Communications Committee
Motion Inclusion of Diversity and Inclusion for Strategic Initiatives
UHR Update
University Senior Vice President and Provost
VP Equity and Inclusion

November 3, 2016

Awards Committee
Compensation and Benefits Committee
Council Priorities and Strategic Initiatives Update
Representaiton Committee
UHR Update
University Senior Vice President and Provost
VP Equity and Inclusion

October 6, 2016

CIRT Table Top Powerpoint
CIRT Table Top Notes
UHR Update
University Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
VP Equity and Inclusion
VP University Planning and Budget

September 1, 2016

BFSA Welcome Flyer
Secretary/Treasurer Update
Student Affairs Update
VP University Planning and Budget
UHR Update

May 26, 2016

Response to UHR Regarding Interpretation and Application of Vacation and Flex Policies
VP University Planning and Budget

April 6, 2016

Faculty Senate Update
UHR Update

December 3, 2015

ISU Wellbeing Update
P&S Representation on Strategic Planning Committees
Standard Job Factors overview

November 5, 2015

Campus Safety and Security Summit

October 7, 2015 

FY15 Extra-Meritorious Performance Pay Program

September 3, 2015

Budget Development Process
University Human Resources - Learning and Development Opportunities

May 2015

Salary Policy for FY16